Topic of the day: why not both

I got this new thing. my own server and for now it runs pretty well, i've learnt a lot of things such as install/ delete/ making subdomains and so on. Yunohost is pretty straightforward, the only thing i did in CLI is port forwarding because i don't know how to do it with the admin panel. For now i just installed a fileserver for stuff that i wanted to share here, a Calibre server+web interface, Searx instance and a Owncast server

I asked myself if i need to make the change and put my website there too. but i pretty like neocities so far and i'm learning stuff, and i dont want to let this project behind me. It taught me stuff. I still need to figure it out how this works on my own platform.

At the moment i'm just wondering how Pleroma and Matrix works. Twitter misses me but i can now make the big jump into the fediverse. I'm not that new to it i used Diaspora for 2 years and Movim a little bit, and stopped because the pod admin didn't make updates. But i wonder how the other stuff is doing. I saw the fast rise of Mastodon, i was envious of people from Pixelfed because i always wanted to be in cool kid club 😎

I learnt really fast that to be a "true believer of the internet freedom stuff"™ is to have your own server. and yeah i'm so fucking overwhelmed with this feeling of being all-powerful and in the same time really powerless because of the knowledge everything needs. I'm worried about getting confortable and losing it.

My first question with the whole:
shoulda keep my neocities website, or nah?
If i keep it, should i polished it for serious stuff? because to be serious i began this project because i love the old web and learning stuff the old way is way better and funnier than using themes and stuff like that. So it look like a weird old web blog. The pros is that the website is the light. The cons it uses javascript.
I'm not all anti-Javascript but i prefer not using it because is has a lot of problems and i can read articles about it. and i'm telling you this but zonelets requires Javascript now you know.
Maybe i'll do a little website but without getting something that require javascript.

I'll keep this. and make my more serious page for my server. both. Both. Both is nice.