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✨ Cpt. Bichez (Fisk) - any/them - Absolute B-tier Trash ✨

I'm just some random that now have a neocities page. -when everyone had a personnal blog so here's my own page

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Jack of all trades, Master of None (but average), i love learning stuff.

If you need some chart results to understand who tf i am:

Gemini ♊
Enneagram 7w6
Chaotic Neutral (🐀 Ratfolk Spellslinger 🐀)


Fisk comes from Fiskjor, my main character in Guild Wars 2
Got other names such as Ystr/Ysther. 4sh/4sheper
My character in Elite Dangerous is named Ash Fiskjari.

🧙 related to left panel lol 🧙

Yup, I tasted the amazing thing of non-gendered "They" pronoun in Eng-lang so yup. you can use whatever you want. Free pronoun party.

I hyperfixate, i also call this "being in the tunnel or the vortex" 🌀.
I love arts, and mostly computer arts like demos and tracker music. One of my dream is to be a part of some Demoparty as a contestant/submitter of something cool.

I learn everything from scratch with books and internet. my knowledge can be clumsy and weird but i like that. As a 📚 dirty bookworm 📚 i got a shiton of useless knowledge but none of them was webdesign. i love books about diy stuff, langage learning, esoteric themes and essays. I also love zines.
I don't choose my 'hyperfixation' topics.
But i delve down into keyboards, modular synth and printmaking stuff.

Tools & Stuff

🖥️ Hardware Related 💻

Got 3 "main" computers. the first can run Minecraft. The second is a really ok-ish laptop and the third. The third is true baby.

The mouse is a Corsair Scimitar.
The main keyboard is a Melody96 with clear Gaterons.
The main gamepad is a Wireless Xbox One controller.
The pen tablet is a Wacom Bamboo Fun (CTE-450).

💾 Software Related 💽

OS & associated stuff: Windows on the main computer
Debian (Testing) usually on others

So Mypaint first.
it's the best drawing software ever made don't @ me

I also use:
Krita, Aseprite, Gimp, Adobe Indesign, DaVinci Resolve, Renoise, Ableton Live, VCV Rack. as daily basis when i want to do stuff

I used to be someone with a sense of morality like not using Adobe stuff, bloatware when i take time to read the discourse and pick a side, putting free software first. I still do, but i use Windows. it's like being the true evil even if i go all warez. i do not care it's Windows. but nah. Linux & Free Software universe is like that. It's ok